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Jeremy Dewald


What is your educational background?
Teaching degree from Tri-State University in Angola, Indiana

When did you join DIS?

What do you enjoy about recruiting or working at DIS?
Being a recruiter is rewarding because I get to help people.  I’m a matchmaker.  We work with companies who have needs and candidates who are hoping to better their lives.   When I’m successful at work, and make those connections, all parties involved are happy!

What are your hobbies/interests?
My passion for sports is the main reason we decided to make the Metro Area our home.  We spend as much time as possible downtown and at Comerica Park.  I am an autograph geek! I am very proud of my Tigers autograph collection.  I have obtained almost all of my autographs myself, mostly in Lakeland, FL where I have been making an annual trip for Tigers Spring Training since 2004.

What is your biggest life accomplishment?
The thing that makes me most proud is becoming (and remaining) completely debt free in 2008.  It required sacrifice, discipline, and following a plan that many people thought we were crazy for doing.  We both committed 100% to the plan and the end goal and attacked it!  The day we mailed in our final payment to our last remaining debtor was one of the most rewarding days of our lives!

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What People Are Saying

I have worked with other recruiters and agencies through the years and Diversified has been the best I’ve had the pleasure to work with. I can’t say enough good things about their diligence, drive and focus towards meeting our needs. Diversified has netted us some very good, skilled candidates. I haven’t been to your office, but it appears that Diversified Staffing has a very efficient and well run organization. I am still puzzled how your company is able to find the high level of qualified people. Whatever strategy or process you all have, don’t change it!

– Randy Allenbaugh, President, Major Gauge & Tool

Working with Diversified Industrial Staffing has been great. The entire process from start to finish was streamlined and easy to follow. The staff at Diversified is very helpful and professional. I was impressed that they took the time to give me personal attention and find me a position that matched what I was looking for, just minutes away from my home.  The best part of working for Diversified is feeling like I am part of a “team”. I would recommend Diversified Industrial Staffing because they were kind, courteous and a pleasure to work with. I couldn’t be happier!

– James Stockwell- Machinist

My overall experience with Diversified Industrial Staffing has been amazing! I was  “in a jam” regarding my career and they were able to “pull me out”.  I was impressed that I called them on a Monday, not only were they able to move up an already scheduled interview, but they were able to get me a phone interview that very afternoon!  I was impressed that there process was so fast and easy to follow. They were able to find me interviews for positions that are relevant to what I was  looking for, at great companies, in a higher wage than I would have expected. I was  impressed by the speed and personal attention I received from my Candidate Specialist. Compared to other recruiting companies that I  has worked with, I felt that Diversified actually cared about me as a professional. I am so thankful to Diversified, and really feel that they genuinely care about trying to help me and want to help better my life.

– Richard Robtoy- Machinist

I was in a very bad place when Diversified found my resume and helped me get a new job.  I was able to keep my house and I can provide for my family.  What else can you ask for? I came in the door at Diversified with a lot of skepticism from previous experience with other headhunters. Diversified changed that for me…  They were concerned for my well-being. The staff at Diversified was helpful and professional, just the kind of friends you need when the chips are down.

– James Nelson- Machinist

Diversified Industrial Staffing has been very helpful in filling our key technical positions with qualified candidates! The Diversified team was very professional and personable to work with. Throughout the process they committed themselves to ensure Redall’s needs were met successfully and in a timely manner. They took the time to learn about Redall and listen!

– Nancy Szabelski, HR, Redall Industries

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